Domestic Solid Waste Recycling

solid waste management

Main Benefits Of The System

  • The simple process of operation (no skilled labour required.)
  • Simple and robust equipment.
  • Low cost of equipment and operation.
  • Main parts of the hopper, chamber, cutting teeth etc are made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion.
  • Converts wet waste to organic Manure which can be commercially sold off.
  • ECO-friendly chemical-free process. This eco-friendly culture helps to accelerate the solid waste decomposition.
  • Complete elimination of all wet waste with NO odours, NO sludge build up.
  • The users do not have to depend on local bodies for the collection of garbage.
  • Ensure Clean atmosphere and Freedom from stinking smells.
    Major discount on property tax from the competent government authorities.
crushing machine
ModelQGWM - 25QGWM - 50
Capacity Kg/hr20-3045-70
Chamber size mm150x200300x300
Loading Hopper size mm 260x260350x350
Motor2HP, 415 VAC 50Hz5HP, 415 VAC, 50Hz (+/-5%)
Electrical Supply5AMP, 3 Phase16 AMP, 3 Phase
Overall dimensions mm350x800x900500x1000x1150
ModelQGWM - 100
Capacity Kg/hr80-120
Chamber size mm400x400
Loading Hopper size mm 475x475
Motor5HP, 415 VAC 50Hz (+/-5%)
Electrical Supply16 AMP, 3 Phase
Overall dimensions mm1450x1050x1870

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