How have you seen the Indian market change and what are the factors that you have found to influence it?

The Indian market is in a transformational change, majorly so in the construction sector, and we are forecasting that this trend will continue till at least 2022. It is the Government’s thrust and the increasing awareness and demand for fly ash bricks that has given stimuli to this sector. The Government, Corporate and even individual’s for that matter, have started seeing infrastructure as a stepping-stone for sustainable development. We have also noticed that the demand for fully automatic machines have grown manifolds and the reasons that can be attributed to this are, less concentration on labour, economical production, low wastage rate, etc. We are the leader in fully automatic machines, and hence, have seen a growth in demand from almost all parts of the country, South and West taking the lead.

How have you seen the Indian market change and what are the factors that you have found to influence it


Government Support Fly Ash Bricks

The Government’s role in Green India and Infrastructure development cannot be overlooked. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and affordable housing scheme, have not only put fly ash bricks in a better position as compared to clay bricks but has also promoted sustainable and economic development. Our products fit perfectly with the Government’s vision.

Hence, what we have seen is that the market is becoming increasingly aware of the various products available and are opting majorly for machines that are green, feasible and strong. The infrastructure sector is being given a lot of importance and sustainable development is not far behind. This has proved to be extremely beneficial for us as it not only aligns with the fact that our products are green products but also with the fact that our machines lower cost of production, increase efficiency and make products worthy of forming the foundation on which the nation can be built.

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