Fly Ash Bricks and Comparison with Clay Bricks – Composition, Manufacture

The fly ash bricks are used more and more these days in brick masonry structures. The fly ash bricks are higher in quality and made with advanced technology. It is used as the replacement of normal clay bricks and it is better than it.

With the use of fly ash brick than normal clay bricks have many benefits. The main benefit of using fly ash bricks is we can save natural resources and also protect the environment.

How have you seen the Indian market change and what are the factors that you have found to influence it

A composition of Fly Ash Brick

  • Fly ash
  • Cement
  • Sand
  • Water

Fly Ash Comes From

India’s 72 percent power plants are coal based and these plants produce 40 million ton fly ash annually. The fly ash contains Co2 which is emitted from thermal power plants and industries which used coal as fuel and emits ash and smoke and from it the fly ash is made. The power plants and industries use cyclone converters to separate fly ash and this fly ash is used as raw material for making fly ash bricks.

The Pollution Caused by Fly Ash

The fly ash cause more environmental problems include air, water and also land. It required proper management to control pollution caused by fly ash and there for using fly ash to make various products and save the environment.

Making of Fly Ash Brick

What are the advantages of using fly ash bricks

The fly ash brick is a slow setting pozzalona cement mix. The process is almost identical to make cement where the clay and limestone are burnt with coal and gypsum and then mixed.

In fly ash brick making the burnt clay particle obtain from burning the coal. When the hydrated lime powder, gypsum is mixed in a pan, the mixture starting turns slowly in pozzalona cement.

The mixture is pressed in the low pressure in low moisture in hydraulic machine and the machine is specially designed to give the high pressure at a slow rate and the pressure is 350kg/square inch.

The required pressure and holding the bricks for particular time gives maximum strength to fly ash bricks.

Advantages of Fly Ash Brick

The emission of greenhouse gases is increasing more and more nowadays and the Co2 is a major one. The total CO2 emission was 24,960 million tons count globally in 1990.

In India, the CO2 emissions from the cement industry are ninety million tons and forty-nine tons from clay brick manufacturing. As per current statics for producing one million brick required 200 tons of coal and this coal emits around 270 tons of CO2 in the air.

The Fly Ash brick production is totally emission free and the manufacturing process is qualified under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Comparison between Clay Bricks and Fly Ash Bricks

Properties Red Brick/Clay Brick Fly Ash Brick Remark
Density 1600-1700 kg/m3 1700-1850 kg/m3 Higher Load Bearing
Compressive Strength 30-35 kg/cm2 90-100 kg/cm2 Higher Load Bearing
Absorption 15-25% 10-14% Less dampness
Dimensional Stability Very low tolerance High tolerance Saving in mortar up to 25%
Wastage during transit Up to 10% Less than 2% Saving cost up to 8%
Plastering Thickness varies on both sides of the wall Even on both sides Saving in plaster up to 15%


Fly Ash Bricks In Indian Market

Before starting the discussion on fly ash bricks first, we have to look at the effect of red clay bricks on nature.

There is one estimate that around 180 billion tonnes of common burnt bricks are used per annum which means it required 340 tonnes of clay and it comes from the top layer of around 5000 acres of land dug out by brick manufacturers. The red clay brick is heated and required coal or wood which may the cause for deforestation.

What is fly ash brick in the Indian market

The pulverized fuel ash is generally known as fly ash and it is a by-product from the coal-based power plant. The fly ash brick manufacturer uses this ash to make the fly ash brick as the alternative of red clay bricks.

The demand for fly ash bricks in India is increasing. As the cost and environmental benefits, people prefer more and more fly ash bricks over common burnt bricks.

fly ash bricks

India depends on the coal-based power plant. These plants produce a very large amount of fly ash. The government has no other way to dump the fly ash and the fly ash is dangerous for the environment.

The fly ash brick making is a very profitable business in India as the brick quality is high and required less resource than common burnt bricks.

Important Factors That Required for Manufacture Fly Ash Bricks

First, it required a minimum half acre of land prefer 1 acre for storing and curing the bricks.

concrete paver block

Second, choose the factory location in 100 km radius of the thermal power plant to get permission and quota of fly ash. For make fly ash brick required lots of water. So make sure that you have enough water supplies to continue the production.

One of the problems to make fly ash brick is to store fly ash. You could not store fly ash in open ground as it is harmful. So it is advisable to store in Silo.

To make fly ash bricks required approximately 30, 00,000 INR as working capital. This includes machinery and production capacity of 12,000 bricks per shift.

In growing India labor is the biggest problem and the fly ash brick making is not an easy task and somewhat dusty work. So attract the labors with high pay and incentives.

Benefits of Fly Ash Bricks

The profit factor is very high in the fly ash brick manufacturing. There is a minimum profit of 1 INR per brick is for sure. It may vary for different places and it depends on labour, raw materials and power supply.

As we know the fly ash is only available through the thermal power plant. So before starting business manufacturers have to research on demand for fly ash bricks and the availability of fly ash. It is advisable to get your quota of fly ash than to buy from the black market.

Machinery is a heart of any industry. So buy a machine from the well-established manufacturer. The reason behind is this machine required regular tune-ups and frequent maintenance in the starting of production. The rotary type hydraulic machine is highly recommended for primary manufacturers.

What is special about Q Green’s Paver block making machine?

Q Green specializes in the production of vibration-based machines for block and pavers. We have supplied more than 55 Q Green paver block making machines throughout the country that help manufacture superior quality paver blocks. It is used in various government and domestic applications. It comes in different variants, shapes and sizes but usually, for government projects, we use 80 mm paver blocks. The main application of it is in building internal roads. The strength required for this is m40 with a 12% cement percentage. But it is to be mentioned that the use of Q Green machines is not only limited to this alone.

Using vibration technology usually makes paver blocks. There are some advantages of purchasing our products that have already been mentioned in our previous articles.

paver block making machine

Some specific benefits of the paver block making machine have been listed for your convenience.

  1. Q Green machines use Variable Frequency Drive Technology, also known as VFD Technology. With the help of this, we can make a superior quality product with less quantity of cement.
  2. We strongly suggest our customers use a planetary mixer and provide the same too.
  3. The paver block making machine is produced by professionals who are best in their field. Vibration machines require a lot of precision, as there should be no variation in the height and dimensions. Hence, there is a team of engineers solely giving their efforts to make the best end product for the market.
  4. The manufacturing process of a paver block making machine is slightly different than that of a fly ash brick making a machine as the level of accuracy required is higher. The product made in these paver block making machine is high in strength quotient thus specifying the vibration required. We understand all these specifications with the help of our professional team and deliver the most precise machines to our customers.
  5. We provide additional after sales support to all our clients. From training of personnel and setting a recipe for production, we believe in hand holding the client so as to make their investment products.

Rt 6 Machine installed

Q Green’s paver block making machine start from the initial cost of Rs. 40 lakh and have many variations like 12 pavers at a stroke, 15 pavers at a stroke and the like.

The models that we have are RT4, RT6, RT9 and RT15 that comes with all kinds of automation (semi and fully automatic line).

In case of any query, you can leave a query on our official website.

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फ्लाई ऐश ब्रिक्स बनाने की प्रक्रिया

फ्लाई ऐश ब्रिक्स बनाने की प्रक्रिया को तीन चरणों में बाटा गया हे. 

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1 . Mixing Process – पहले रॉ मटेरियल को trolly के द्वारा pre hopper box में डाला जाता हे और बेल्ट द्वारा मिक्सिंग के लिए पेन में भेजा जाता हे. जहां सीमेंट एवं पानी मिलाकर इसमें लगभग पांच miniute तक अच्छी तरह मिलाया जाता हे. Flyash ब्रिक्स निर्माण प्रक्रिया में मिक्सिंग अत्यंत महत्वपूर्ण चरण हे और  क्यू ग्रीन techcon में बनने वाली मशीन में इस बात का विशेष ध्यान रखते हुए पैन mixture को design किया जाता हे. मिक्सिंग एक समान करने के लिए पेन mixture के भीतर स्किपर एवं रोलर लगे होते हे जो पूरी Efficiency के साथ raw material को मिक्स करते हे। 
2.  Hydroulic Pressing Process – mixing की प्रक्रिया होने के बाद मिक्स raw material को बेल्ट द्वारा हॉपर में एकत्रित किया जाता हे. यहाँ से plc control द्वारा निर्धारित मात्रानुसार raw material को प्रेस मशीन में भेजा जाता हे. Press मशीन में भेजे गए raw material को फीडर trolly द्वारा हाई ग्रेड EN31 materials द्वारा बनाए गए moulds में भरा जाता हे , उसके बाद heavy cylinder से प्रेस करके fly ash bricks को निकाला जाता हे। क्यू ग्रीन techcon की यह मशीन फुल्ली आटोमेटिक हे।  इस मशीन को जरूरियात के हिसाब से ऑटो या मैन्युअल मोड़ में चलाया जाता हे. Hydrulic सिलिंडर एक minute में 6 stroke लेते हे और ईंट मोल्ड पर प्रेस की जाती हे जिससे उच्च quality की मजबूत ईंट बनती हे. 
3. Curing Process – ईंट मोल्ड में प्रेस होने के बाद फीडर ट्राली के द्वारा पटरी पर भेजी जाती हे. इस तरह तैयार हुई flyash ईंटेा  को छाँव के अंदर 24 घंटे रखा जाता हे , उसके बाद 15 -18 दिनों तक खुले में रखा जाता हे और दिन में २ बार पानी डाला जाता हे. बाद में flyash ईंटे पूरी तरह तैयार हे, आपके घरो और बिल्डिंग को बनाने के लिए. 
अभी देखते हे यह बिज़नेस स्टार्ट करने के लिया क्या आवश्यक हे. ये बिज़नेस शुरू करने के लिए मशीन की क्षमता अनुसार 20000 से 50000 square feet की जमीन की आवशयकता  होती हे. ये पूरा प्लांट चलाने के लिए 15 से 20 मजदुर के सहयोग से ७००० से २०००० ईंट प्रति 8 घंटे में बनाए जा सकते हे. यह मशीन १००० इंट से, १०००० ईंट प्रति घंटा तक का निर्माण होता हे. यह कंपनी अलग अलग रेंज में अलग अलग capacity की मशीन तैयार करती हे. जिसकी price 13 लाख से शुरू होती हे।  Raw matreial के लिए पॉवरप्लांट में से fly ash easily आप ले सकते हो. क्योकि  हरेक पॉवरप्लांट से १ मेगा वाट बिजली बनाने पर 7 से 8 टन फ्लाई ऐश निकलती हे. फ्लाई ऐश ब्रिक मेकिंग प्रोजेक्ट नॉन polluting ग्रीन प्रोजेक्ट हे जो समाज को एवम देश के लिए उपकारी हे और यह प्रोजेक्ट पर अलग अलग स्टेट में सब्सिडी भी उपलब्ध हे. 

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What are the technologies to manufacture fly ash bricks?

With the given research and development, there are two technologies to manufacture fly ash bricks. These are commonly used to make bricks, blocks, pavers and all related products.

QGH 25

The first one is the hydraulic system. The bricks are produced using a hydraulic cylinder and the raw material is compressed in a steel mould. This is suitable for raw material with higher powder content. This is the reason why it is also known as the powder compacting technology. With this technology, we usually do not use a raw material with a size more than -5 mm. This is good for manufacturing fly ash bricks making production possible with a small budget as well. In Q Green Techcon Pvt. Ltd, we make hydraulic fly ash brick making machine starting from Rs. 13 lakhs. Looking at the labour issues, we have introduced automation in these hydraulic fly ash brick making machines where the labour will be limited to 5-6 in number. Not only that, we are also providing a batching plant in the machines if the customer wants to make 15000 fly ash bricks or more exclusively. We also have QGH25 Twin, which allows us to feed two systems with a single batching plant. We have a model, QGH Smart that is extremely suitable for those who have a low budget but are looking for production of about 7000 bricks per 8 hours. We also have QGH 17, with a production of 10,000 fly ash bricks per 8 hours and is available at Rs. 18.5 lakh. This machine is very popular as it suits the market very well. We also have QGH 25, which has been incorporated with certain automation, subject to the labour issues in the country. For example, we have incorporated mixer automation (water automation and gate opening automation). Apart from this, we have many other fly ash brick making machines the details of which will be available on request.

The second technology that can be used in the production of fly ash bricks is the vibration technology. This can make concrete products but we have further devised it with greater and better innovations. We have ensured that the same machine can make concrete products like paver, blocks and hollow blocks and will also enable you to produce bricks, with or without using fly ash. Many machines have a timer-based vibration, which leads to settling of the larger particles in the bottom. In Q-Green, we use variable vibration that prevents this and hence makes stronger bricks that are of superior quality. Further, in a Vibro machine, the number of bricks that can be produced is large. Each brick is vibrated with the same intensity and is most suitable for concrete. Since it is big board, it is possible to go to full automation lowering the necessity and requirement of labour in the brick making process. For example, when one needs to work on a 50000 project, it requires 20-22 bricks per stroke. This is not possible in a hydraulic machine nor is it economically viable in the same. Hence, in a vibration technology machine, the production is more and it has an edge as far as the economic viability of the introduction of a handling system is concerned. We do provide vibro machines as well. We have established a venture with REIT, a pioneer in this technology based in China. They have patents of various technologies making us the best in the market. We have started the production of these in India, too.

Q-Green Techcon Pvt. Ltd does provide both variants of brick making machines and has a range that is suitable for all product budgets and ranges. We have seen an overwhelming response in India and hope to innovate and build as we move forward.

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Advantages of buying fly ash brick making machine from Q Green Techcon Private Limited

Q Green manufactures machines that produce fly ash bricks, blocks, pavers, interlocking bricks and the like. We specialize in automatic and semi-automatic fly ash brick making machine that is made to match the state of the art technology and have seen a brilliant response from our customers. We have a command on both, hydraulic and vibration machines.

In order to point out the reasons as to why one must invest in a Q Green fly ash brick making machine, Here We noted down some advantages:

  1. We have offices throughout the country through which we provide sales and service guidance to all our customers. In this sector, it is important to have a company on board that has facilities to provide easy and quick maintenance of the fly ash brick making machine and that is exactly what we aim to do.
  2. One of our main ideas is to provide quick after sales service to our clientele and we are taking steps to improve day by day. We have people and provisions for commissioning and sales to ensure that the customers have a productive and fruitful experience.
  3. The machines are properly engineered and we also have a devoted research and development team working on our current technology to improve it further. Our material procurement is systemized and it is all done on the basis of requirement. We ensure that it is of high quality in order to give the best experience to our customers.
  4. We have never solely aimed at simply selling our fly ash brick making machine. We have aimed to design, produce, sell and maintain fly ash brick making machine that is the best in the market. Even before we delve into the manufacturing process, we work on the designs. Our highly skilled and dedicated team of engineers works on it. Not only that, we have our engineers throughout the nation so as to provide assistance to all our plants. People are also available to solve your issues over the phone. Hence, we are working to not only establish a long-term relationship with our clients but also help them through the whole process. We are with you before and after the purchase.
  5. We give the customers insights on what should be produced, what is the market like, what is the viability report, what should be the recipe, size of the fly ash brick making machine and many more such questions. These are some very useful information that can help companies lower cost, increase return on investment and enhance productivity.
  6. All our machine parts are branded and hence are of good quality thus making them the best in the market.

We would also like to tell our readers that we understand this industry very well and have not leapt into the manufacturing sector hurriedly. We have been in this sector for the last 10 years and have used all our knowledge and understanding to build something that can be used for the greater good of the nation, in general, and the client in particular. We have sold more than 150 machines and we are extremely proud to announce that none of these machines is non-operative. No other company has such a wide range of product and we aim to grow through the years to follow.

These are some of the very many advantages of why one must buy a Q Green fly ash brick making machine.

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What is the difference between fully automatic and semi-automatic fly ash brick machine?

Over time, the definition of fully automatic fly ash brick machine and semi automatic fly ash brick making machine has changed. Not only that, it differs from company to company.

paver block making machine

According to Q Green Techcon Pvt. Ltd, the difference comes in the labour requirement and economic viability. There are four steps in making bricks, pavers and blocks. They are, batching and mixing, manufacturing of a green product, handling of the green product and curing. It starts with batching and mixing in which the raw material is weighed and mixed. This is then conveyed into the main machine that processes the mixed material and finally, the green product thus formed is sent to the handling system. In a semi-automatic fly ash brick machine, there is no automation in the handling system. The fully automatic machine comprises of an elevator, lowerator, finger car and cuber, that together form the automated handling system. Further, in a semi-automatic machine curing is done manually in an open space.

rt6c brick block making machine

In case of a fully automatic fly ash bricks machine, a closed curing chamber is provided that ensures the product is cured within 24 hours. It is to be pointed out that a semi-automatic machine requires more labour. Hence, we suggest fully automatic machine to someone who has a high manufacturing capacity (5000 bricks per hour or more) because one needs to consider the economic viability when investing in a fly ash brick plant.

We are, however, trying to bring in productive changes in how the fly ash brick machines are divided and are continuously taking steps to add utility and value in our products. We take pride in informing our customers that we are the first to come up with a fully automatic 6-block machine in Bangalore and are looking forward to further revolutionaries the sector in a similar manner.

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Why should you buy fly ash bricks machine from us?

We have, through our experience, learned that the process of buying a fly ash bricks machine involves multiple steps, one of the major ones being comparing the various alternatives available. This is where; we can state that buy A Q Green Green fly ash bricks machine has a lot of advantages. All of these are linked to the fact that our machines are manufactured in India.  Our customers save on cost, time and replacement or maintenance cost.

To emphasize the point of time-saving, we would like to state an example. We have successfully reduced the delivery time of our ash brick machine, that is, now the machines are delivered to you faster giving you an edge. For RT6 paver block making a machine, the delivery schedule has been reduced from 3 months to 1 month and this remains consistent for all our products.

rt6c brick making machine

Check Machine

You also save on costs pertaining to duties and taxes because we produce every part of fly ash and paver block making a machine in India. The spare parts are stocked abundantly in all our warehouses so that it facilitates maintenance. The moment we receive a query, our team goes to ends to satisfy the customer and enhance customer service. This is what we take pride in. We have seen the market of our country change tremendously with time and we have tried to meet the changing needs as well. Adding top quality electric components, gearbox, motors are some adaptations that we have taken on to meet our customer’s needs and requirements.

With time, our business has emphasized on treating the market as an arena that has tremendous potential. We hence, go leaps and bounds to serve the clients with the best experience, from the point of inquiry to the after-sales service.

Hence, buying a fly ash brick plant from us not only gives you a machine that is both socially and economically responsible but also makes you a part of a global family that is taking strides to take our country forward.

QGH-17 paver block making machine

Check Machine

One Of the Major benefits of buying Q Green Techcon that Company manufactures wide range fly ash bricks machines and Paver block making machines. In this, we offer Semi-automatic machines and fully automatic machines.

RT15 Plant

Check Machine

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What are the advantages of using fly ash bricks?

Fly ash bricks are made using the waste of thermal power plant. The ash of burnt coal is used as an input, thus reinforcing the idea of turning waste into wealth. In India itself, the annual generation of fly ash is expected to be around 200 million tones by end of the 12th five-year plan and around 500 million tones by 2032.

What are the advantages of using fly ash bricks

There are some very straight forward advantages of using fly ash bricks:

  1. They are light in weight and hence are very suitable for multi-floored buildings. This is because as the height of the buildings increase, the stress and tension on the foundation and structure increase too. With light bricks, this stress and tension are reduced manifold.
  2. Fly ash bricks absorb less heat and considering the Indian climate, it makes it better when compared to clay bricks.
  3. From the cost front, it requires less mortar during construction. Further, the machine that we provide requires less labor too. Our machines are made keeping in mind the costs associated with water wastage and raw material wastage too. You hence save in the breakage front (15%), the plaster and jointing front (15%) and curing and labor front (7%). So Q Green fly ash brick machines reduce the overall costs.
  4. The compressive strength is very high and they are less porous. They absorb less water and saves cost there, as well.
  5. It is environmentally friendly and hence allows your business to take a step towards sustainable development. Q-Green machines are green machines too, that promote environmental protection and conservation. Production of fly ash bricks requires no fossil fuel and hence does not lead to the emission of green house gases.
  6. Production of clay bricks damages the top-soil and this is prevented in the manufacturing process of fly ash bricks. There is no pollution or environmental damage, as a result of which it has been put into the white category of products.
  7. Fly ash bricks are stronger, more uniform and denser as compared to clay bricks. While their mortar consumption is low, their wastage is only about 1% as against that of clay bricks which are about 10%.

These are some advantages of using fly ash bricks that is making major construction houses, and for that matter, even the government, move towards it.

Q Green Techcon Pvt Ltd is working strongly towards creating a Green India and through our machines, we sought to promote Green Technology in Construction Industry and also provide people an opportunity to convert ‘Waste Into Wealth’. We have mastered the art of brick making successfully by manufacturing bricks and blocks using 70-80 % Fly ash.

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