QGH-17 paver block making machine
QGH 17 Plant

QGH 17 Specifications

Hydraulic Pressing Capacity 50 Ton
No Bricks Produced/Stroke 04 Nos.
No. Of Cycle/Min07 Cycles
Total Connected Load27 HP
Hydraulic Oil - Grade - 68 350 Liters
Pallet Size600 mm x 300 mm x 18 mm Thk
Pan Mixer Size600 kgs.
Pre-feed SystemOptional (Power -2HP)
Operation ControlPLC Based Automatic

QGH 17 Capacity

Bricks SizeNo. Of Bricks Hr
230 x 110 x 751680
250 x 120 x 751680
190 x 90 x 902100
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QGH 17 fly ash bricks making plant
QGH 17 fly ash plant
QGH 17 Plant

About QGH 17 Ash Brick Machine

QGH 17 ash brick machine is one of our builder series products and has been widely accepted by customers. This product was brought to the market to establish best product quality and market leadership. This ash brick machine is suitable for those who want more than 16000-17000 brick production per shift. With about 6% cement, you derive the strength of an M8 brick and since it is a mold-pressing machine, it does not lose pressure in any regard. It is to be noted that we maintain an oil pressure of 160 bar.

QGH 17 Ash Brick Machine comes with a 50-ton hydraulic pressing capacity with the capacity to produce 6 bricks per stroke. It has 6 cycles per minute and can support a pallet size of 600 mm x 300 mm x 18 mm. The setup has the provision for an optional pre-feed system and 1000 kg pan mixer. The machine can make different fly ash bricks quantities depending on the brick size.

For a fly ash bricks size with 230 x 110 x 75 dimension, the machine can make 1680 bricks per hour. For a brick size with 250 x 120 x 75 dimension, the machine can make 1680 bricks per hour. For a brick size with 190 x 90 x 90 dimension, the machine can make 2100 bricks per hour.

This fly ash bricks machine has been successfully installed in West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh etc.

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